How CBD Oil Can Benefit You

It’s the biggest craze to hit the health market since…sell, we can’t remember anything this popular in a long time. Certainly nothing that has actually done so well in terms of living up to the hype and claims. 

Sure, CBD oil is often touted as the latest way to cure anything that ails you. But what is the science behind it? What conditions can CBD actually help with?

The truth is there are many benefits to using CBD oil, many of which have been well documented and studied in both medical and scientific studies.

Even more astonishing, our bodies come naturally equipped with a system (the endocannabinoid system) that works directly with cannabinoids such as CBD to elicit a number of downstream biological and physiological effects that have the potential to treat, reduce or eliminate a vast number of symptoms from a broad range of health complications and ailments. 

The Difference in CBD 

When you think of a cannabinoid, THC is often the first thing that comes to mind. In truth, there are over 100 known cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. 

CBD is one of the two that can be found in a high concentration in cannabis. 

Let’s quickly look at a few major differences between CBD and THC: 

  • THC is highly concentrated in the marijuana portion of cannabis, while CBD is highly concentrated in hemp.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive, while THC gives the user a “high” feeling.
  • CBD works with the endocannabinoid system present through the body, while THC mostly binds with receptors in the brain.
  • CBD works with the natural endocannabinoid system to create more cannabinoids. 

CBD oil is available in both full spectrum, which contains trace amounts of THC, and zero-THC varieties. 

Medical Issues Where CBD Has Shown Promise

CBD oil certainly isn’t a “cure all”, but it's darn close as far as natural supplements are concerned. This compound has been shown to help with many different maladies. 

Knowing how CBD can help and how to apply it helps you use your oil more efficiently.

Here are 12 common uses for CBD that both research and case studies have demonstrated positive outcomes as a result of supplementation:  

1. Relief from pain Because CBD oil interacts with the immune system and the brain, it can help reduce inflammation and provide relief from pain, with a number of studies showing exceptional promise for arthritis and chronic pain reduction.

2. Relief from seizures – Seizures are caused by electrical fluctuations in the brain. Many who suffer from seizures have found relief through the use of CBD oil.

3. Relief from anxiety CBD oil has an effect on mental health, as well. CBD is known to have a calming and relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Relief from depression The use of CBD oil can have similar effects to dopamine or serotonin, lifting your mood. THC can cause issues in this area in high doses, but CBD works with serotonin to have a positive effect.

5. Relief from insomnia The use of CBD oil has been reported to assist with getting proper sleep and as a therapeutic aid for a number of sleep-related conditions such as apnea or insomnia. While CBD can actually help you stay awake during the day, it is also associated with better sleep at night.

6. Helps with fighting cancer – CBD oil use may cause a faster tumor death rate in certain situations, acting as an antitumor medicine. Colon cancer, leukemia, and cervical cancer all seem to respond well to CBD oil. 

7. Helps with fighting diabetes – CBD oil has a lesser-known possibility of helping non-obese persons fight genetic diabetes. CBD users also can have lower body mass indexes and smaller waists. Though the appetite may be stimulated, carbohydrate metabolism is also increased. 

8. Helps with fighting addiction – There is evidence to suggest that opioid users, as well as those addicted to psychostimulants or tobacco, may be able to use CBD oil to help overcome their addictions. CBD has even been shown to reduce the effects of THC on the brain

9. Helps with heart health – CBD oil can reduce stress-related heart issues. Blood pressure is kept lower, also, reducing the risk of injuring the arteries through inflammation. 

10. Keeps the brain healthy – Cannabinoids are neuroprotective, meaning that they help protect the brain. Mitochondria are more effective, and damaged cells are quickly removed.

11. Protects against bone disease and breaks – Cannabinoids assist in bone metabolism, which means getting rid of old bone material and replacing it with new material. By helping form new bone cells, CBD oil can help with healing breaks and preventing future bone issues. 

12. Protects and heals the skin – The majority of CB2 receptors, which are the ones that CBD oil binds with, are located in our skin or dermal layers. This makes topical administration especially useful. Topical application of CBD in the form of a cream or lotion can help combat sun damage and environmental issues.

Proper Use of CBD Oil Helps Body and Mind

CBD oil, as you can see, is essential to improving your overall health. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right CBD oil for you:

  • Make sure the CBD is sourced from industrialized hemp. This is what makes CBD legal to own and consume.
  • Check for dosing and application recommendations, as they vary not only by person, but aslo with regards to the condition its being used to alleviate or treat.
  • See if your supplier has any certifications or lab results to back up their product.
  • Take your CBD oil consistently. It will take a few weeks to begin working to its fullest potential. Ceasing use of CBD oil will cause your issues to recur. 

CBD oil is a natural substance that interacts with the endocannabinoid system present in our bodies to help us live to our best potential.

The Future for CBD Oil is Bright

While many studies have been conducted that show the benefits of CBD oil usage, the topic has yet to be extensively covered. As more studies are conducted and more time is able to pass, we are going to see an explosion of positive data regarding the benefits of CBD oil.

Combining CBD oil with modern medicine has resulted in many people being able to return to normal lives who previously had mental or physical conditions that kept them from enjoying daily activities. Start taking CBD oil today, and see how much better you feel a few days, weeks, and months down the road!