The Facts About Using CBD Oil in the Treatment of ADHD

The recent surge in popularity has put cannabidiol (CBD) oil front and center in the world of natural, holistic and alternative therapeutic supplements.

This interesting natural compound has been studied for a plethora of medical and health conditions both acute and chronic, and has many physicians in the medical community exploring the oil’s benefits for other tough to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), just to name a few.

But what promise does CBD hold as a potential aid for those suffering from ADHD? Read on to learn more…

What is CBD?

CBD, along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is derived from cannabis. THC is primarily from marijuana, while CBD can come from either marijuana or hemp (both discernable parts of the cannabis plant). 

While THC is psychoactive, producing a euphoric “high”, CBD is not. Therefore, once the THC compound is removed from the oil, CBD oil is no longer psychoactive. CBD can be taken in oil, tincture, or edible form, and is credited with alleviating anxiety, which is a common symptom of those suffering from ADHD. Not only is CBD legal, but it is also sold and used in many countries around the world.

Recently, 33 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing marijuana, while ten other states including Washington, D.C., have adopted laws making marijuana legal for recreational use. However, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers CBD to be a schedule 1 drug, which makes it illegal. But according to many Cannabis industry experts, CBD products will make up nearly $3 billion market by 2021.

CBD derived from hemp has been demonstrated to have many health benefits to the body and its systems. Hemp plants have a lower concentration of THC, and therefore will have no psychoactive effects. Hemp also has a higher concentration of cannabinoids that have many health benefits which aid in the body’s overall functioning. Recent studies show that CBD derived from hemp can alleviate and even heal diseases such as ADD and ADHD.

What are ADD and ADHD?

People diagnosed with ADD or ADHD suffer from restlessness, forgetfulness, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity among other symptoms. While those with ADD struggle with inattentiveness, impaired memory, and distractibility, those with ADHD must deal with excessive restlessness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Both children and adults can be diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Those who have been diagnosed with ADD can appear calm, while those with ADHD look to be hyperactive and disruptive to those around them. Both ADD and ADHD are caused by chemical imbalances and structural differences within the brain.

Why CBD is Great in the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

ADD and ADHD are both characterized by decreased levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for controlling the brain’s cognitive abilities such as mood, memory, and attention levels. Extensive research shows that cannabinoids improve the transmission of dopamine, which helps to enhance the overall cognitive process.

CBD also aids in increasing the ability of ADHD sufferers to focus by making adenosine receptors in the brain more active, which results in a reduction of anxiety, hyperactivity, and distractibility. Because of the success in CBD oil in improving the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, it is also used to treat anxiety, depression, and other neurological issues.

Some people do experience minor side effects when taking CBD for ADD or ADHD. These symptoms can include drowsiness, change in appetite, and dry mouth. Considering the many (and often harsh) side effects from medications like Ritalin and Adderall, CBD’s side effects are minor in comparison.

Along with its noted benefits for relieving the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD, CBD oil also has antioxidant, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory properties, which may contribute further to improved overall health and wellness.

How CBD Should Be Taken for ADD/ADHD

Since everyone’s body is different, so will be everyone’s reactions to CBD oil. Age, hormones, body size, individual endocannabinoid system and density of receptors, and other factors can all impact how each individual may experience CBD.

The way in which the product is absorbed and processed by your body is also impacted by the medium chosen for consumption. For example, needed doses or time to relief may vary differ between edibles, oils and pills. The dosage you require will also differ based on the percentage or concentrate of CBD that you are using. 

Generally, 25 mg of CBD a day will be an effective dose for most individuals. Stronger symptoms, however, require that dosage to be slowly increased each week until the symptoms are alleviated. A good rule of thumb is to start out small and then increase slowly each week until you feel that your symptoms are being alleviated.

There is no one set dose that will work best for everyone, so trust your instincts and listen to your body while you are finding the right dose for you.

What the Studies Say

A recent study demonstrated that patients who regularly used CBD oil showed a reduction in their hyperactivity and had enhanced concentration and improved sleep. The 2013 study was conducted by Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen and involved 30 participants. Interestingly, those 30 participants did not respond to prescription medication, but did positively respond to CBD oil.

A second study conducted in 2013 found that patients who self-medicated with CBD oil had relief from symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity. This study did well to confirm the use of CBD in the management of ADD/ADHD symptoms. 

Finally, a random study conducted at Kings College in London discovered that participants had improvement in their cognitive abilities and a reduction in hyperactivity. The study also found that participants were able to focus and concentrate better overall.

What it All Adds Up to in the End

In the end, both the research and the facts show that CBD oil is highly effective in the treatment and management of the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Regular, sustained use of CBD oil demonstrated marked improvement in the symptoms of hyperactivity, insomnia, distractedness, restlessness, poor memory, and inattentiveness that those diagnosed with ADD and ADHD suffer with on a daily basis.

Thanks to CBD oil, those with ADD and ADHD now have a way to alleviate and control their symptoms in a more natural way that is better for their body in the long-run.