Using CBD For Dry Skin Relief

Dry skin can be a troublesome and tough opponent to beat.

If you struggle with seasonal or chronically dry skin, you know how difficult regulating your skin’s moisture can be. Your feel dry and scaly, so you slather on the lotion. As a result, your skin becomes over-moisturized and stops producing its own oils.

So you use more moisturizer...and the vicious cycle starts all over again, leading to frustration and often painful cracked or raw areas of your body that are affected.

Let’s face it, dry skin is a pain (literally).

It’s itchy, tough, and unappealing. And if can even affect your self-confidence, leaving you to deal with unsightly rough patches, peeling or scaly skin, cuts and cracks on a weekly basis.

But it’s not your fault. Some individuals are born prone to dry skin. Others develop it due to lifestyle, environment, health conditions, or medications.

Whatever the reason behind your dry skin, CBD may help.

While more research is necessary to fully understand CBD’s role in healing dry skin, multiple studies point toward benefits for increased moisture. Read on to learn more about dry skin, CBD’s moisturizing and anti-inflammatory healing benefits, and the best CBD lotions available on the market.

First up, where does dry skin come from?

What causes dry skin?

Several factors contribute to dry skin, with a combination of factors typically contributing to the overall state of your skin’s health and wellness.

Sometimes, skin dries out due to a medical issue, such as:

  • Dehydration

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Allergies

  • Eating disorders

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic illness

Other times, dry skin is a result of harsh living conditions. Individuals living in low humidity tend to need more moisturizer. If you frequently expose your skin to harsh chemicals—including soap, perfume, chlorine, hand sanitizer, or acne medication—you could irritate dry areas further.

Heat can also dry out the skin, so if you spend a lot of time near a space heater or a fireplace, your skin will dry out quickly.

What about your skin’s natural oil glands?

All these threats to silky-smooth skin may make you wonder, “Doesn’t the body have a system to keep skin smooth?”

It does: the sebaceous glands, which secrete oil and nutrients onto the skin. Unfortunately, these glands’ function can be thrown off-balance by frequent washing, chemicals, medications, or other conditions.

Your skin needs help. That’s where CBD oil comes in.


How CBD oil helps skin

The vicious cycle of moisturizers

When you use moisturizers, they simply add oil to your skin. Your skin takes this as a cue to stop producing oil—why make oil when you’re rubbing it all over your skin anyway?

When your skin stops producing its own nutrient-rich oil, the skin’s health suffers. It dries out quickly. Parched patches of bumps and gaping cracks beg for more moisturizer. What should you do?

How CBD oil is different

CBD oil, unlike moisturizer, doesn’t interfere with your sebaceous glands’ function. It appears to encourage oil production. In some studies, scientists have observed CBD interacting skin glands to regulate oil production. This means that CBD may help oily skin produce less oil, but also prompt dry skin to produce more oil.

In addition to encouraging natural oil production to prevent drying out, CBD oil also has demonstrated incredible anti-inflammatory and healing properties, meaning that it may actually also aid with healing those areas that are already damaged, red, cracking or dried out. In fact, a number of studies have shown the localized effect CBD creams can have when applied topically to the skin.

All of which is to say, if your skin is drying out, CBD oil might bring it back to life.

Using CBD Oil for Dry Skin

If you already use CBD oil, you’re aware of cannabis’s healthy reputation. Hemp enthusiasts use CBD to ease many types of symptoms, from anti-inflammatory to anti-anxiety effects (though it is not considered a medical treatment). Unsurprisingly, then, many find CBD helps heal dry skin.

Here’s how to get started with the best CBD lotion for you…

Identify your problem areas

CBD lotions come in many varieties. Body oils and creams can be used anywhere the skin is irritated, after the shower or throughout the day. Some companies offer CBD moisturizing soap, to counteract the harsh effects of traditional soap.

Specialized creams exist for eyes, face, hands, legs, and feet. If you’re planning to spend long days in blazing sunlight, you may want to invest in CBD lotion with sunscreen; if you’re busy, a nighttime lotion can nourish your skin while you sleep.

To select the best CBD lotion, it’s important to identify the areas and times you need moisturization most.

Find a lotion with perfect ingredients

Do you want a lotion with aloe vera?

Are you deathly allergic to nuts?

If you already know a specific product helps your skin (like olive oil), find a CBD lotion with that ingredient. Alternatively, if you have allergies or sensitivities, check the ingredients before you buy CBD lotion—some use almond or coconut oil in their recipes.

CBD lotion comes in many scents and textures, too, from apricot to vanilla and thick-buttery to runny-oily. If you have a favorite scent, you’ll find it in CBD lotion.

Use your lotion daily

Fun fact: Your skin sheds every 2-4 weeks. Okay, maybe not so fun. Just a fact, but an important one nevertheless.

Your skin is in a constant state of flux, shedding off dead skin cells and regenerating to keep your skin intact and healthy. As such it’ important to nourish your skin every day. Consistent skin care will keep older skin cells healthy and vibrant.

For best results, add CBD to your skincare routine, applying twice daily or as needed. After a shower, when getting ready in the morning and before bedtime are all perfect opportunities to moisturize with CBD creams or topical oils.

Final Thoughts

Dry skin can be a nuisance, but with the right lotion, your skin can feel silky-soft again in no time. CBD may restore skin by encouraging healthy oil production. It’s not just a moisturizer—it’s a way to reintroduce nutrients from your body’s oils. Pick up some CBD oil today to enjoy your new all-natural glow.