Finding Real CBD Reviews Online

So you’re in the market for reliable, pure, affordable, and most of all, effective CBD oil. But where should you turn to for information you can trust?

Before you go out and buy anything new, be it CBD or a new car, it’s always wise to look up reviews and testimonials for the product you’re considering. As CBD oil floods the market, so do conflicting assessments and reviews about what is or is not good. These can be a little overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers.

Reviews on one site may say that CBD oil doesn’t help and is a waste of money. Then another site’s reviewers boast that CBD oil is the next elixir of eternal youth.  So how do you know what to believe? This guide will help you explore some tricks that can be sued to help you spot what’s a real valid review, and which ones are fake.

Keep in mind that it can still be hard to determine authenticity, but these tips should help you along the way.   

What Sites Are You Using?

The type of site you are on can make a huge difference when it comes to personal reviews of CBD oil. It’s a good idea to find a r3eview site that posts write-ups from people who have actually used the product. Look for things like “buyer verified” or “verified customer”.

That’s not to say you won't come across posts that contradict one another. What works for one person may not work in the same way for someone else. Responses to CBD can be very individualized, and can also vary based on dose, method of consumption and condition or symptom for which it is being used.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the site itself. Some less reputable sites have been known to post and even pay for “fake” reviews, making it even harder for prospective customers such as yourself to filter through the nonsense to make an informed buying decision.

Look for sites that:

  • Have been around for a long time
  • Have brand authority in the niche
  • Are respected in the industry
  • Allow user submitted reviews
  • Are trusted in the community
  • Have an active blog and social presence

Remember, even reputable companies can be subject to “fake reviews” often unknowingly. Larger companies can't keep track of every comment being posted to their products. They tend to rely on the consumers to notify them if they come across a fake write-up. The problem is, most customers don’t know how to spot the phonies. This doesn’t mean that major sites are unreliable and not safe. What it does mean is that fake reviews are out there no matter how large or small a vendor is.

Timing of Reviews

While scrolling through reviews, pay attention to dates and times they were posted. Odds are you’re dealing with fakes if there are a large number of them posted on the same day around the same time. For example, if a site has 50 reviews and they were all posted on the same day, or even across a handful of days, with no other reviews before or after that, they may be fake.

That’s not to say that a bunch of reviews during a short period of time is necessarily a “red flag”. Those could also be due to a specific marketing campaign or promotion that took place during that time. However, it does indicate that you should pay a little bit closer attention to them when reading them over.

Who Is Leaving the Review?

Look into who posted the review that you just read. If they have a profile check it out. Also, pay close attention to both the names and the type of grammar used in the review. Many “fake” reviews are purchased and posted by non-native English speakers from overseas companies. You may be able to identify these due to nuances in their grammar.

These critiques are usually poorly written or worded in a way most customers wouldn’t think to type. Pay attention to what types of products they are reviewing and if the company even offers them. Look for specifics. Usually, scammers don’t take the time to look up details or create a “story” around their use of the product. The more specific and personalized the review, the greater the likelihood that it's real.

What You Should Look For When Evaluating Reviews

When it comes to CBD oil reviews, there are a few things that will tell you if it’s from a real customer or not. What the review says can mean a lot.

A real consumer will usually mention:

What the product is

An honest reviewer will usually take the time to mention the product by name. If the critique simply reads, “I love this product. It worked great! Buy it!”, odds are it’s not a real review.

How they used it

A real customer will usually mention how they used the product.

If it worked for them

Consumers are more likely to talk about how the product worked for them. They may mention how long it took to get results and if they will buy it again.

What the product was like

The reviewer will often mention how they thought it tasted, felt, smelled, etc.

Mid-level ratings

2-4 star reviews tend to be more honest. Not many people will give a five-star rating, even if they like the product.


Most assessments allow the customer to upload a picture of the product they ordered. The comments that include pictures of the product are more likely the real deal.

Why You Should Read CBD Reviews Before Buying

Just because there are fake reviews out there doesn’t mean they are all made up, nor that you should ignore them. If you are going to buy CBD oil and don’t know anyone who has tried it, reviews can be a great source of information and insight on what to expect from the product should you become a customer.

Personal testimonials can give you a good idea as to whether or not the specific CBD oil you’re considering is something that will work for you. By using the tips listed in this guide you should be able to spot the real reviews from the phonies and find the perfect fit for your needs.