What is Natural Raw Sugar?

Let’s face it, regular sugar is a little bland. After so many years of exposure, it just doesn’t pack the same punch as it did when you were a kid. That’s why Natural Raw Sugar is a delicious and uplifting alternative to standard sucrose-based sugars. Natural Raw Sugar is made of evaporated cane juice to give a more flavorful experience no matter what you use it in. 

Generally speaking, the less refined the sugar, the better the overall taste. That’s why Natural Raw Sugar is such a special treat as a typical sugar substitute. Granulated sugar is sugar with all its molasses removed. Raw sugars are a refined sucrose sugar that still retains some of its all-natural molasses. While it may not be much healthier for you, it is a less-processed option to consider the next time you sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning or need to bake a birthday cake.

Uses of Natural Raw Sugar

Natural Raw Sugar is a great option for whatever you may use sugar in. It makes a great replacement when you’re baking sweets, making snacks, or adding a little flavor to your beverages like tea and coffee. You’ll notice the more wholesome taste right away, as some of the smaller rocks of sugar stick around to create bursts of flavor wherever they lie. It is easily soluble in liquids and makes for a great pick-me-up in dishes that could use a little pizazz.  

Benefits of Use

While you should definitely watch your intake of any type of sugar, it is generally seen as a healthier option when you choose the most organic brand. Organic sugar is the name given to sugars that are grown naturally, without the influence of dangerous additives and pesticides. When the sugar cane plant is sprayed with these synthetic herbicides and pesticides, it adds a layer of risk to the product that just isn’t necessary. 

The more natural a product is, the better you can feel about it in the long run. While it’s not going to make you lose any weight, it gives you the health benefit of knowing where your product is coming from without being surprised by any extra chemicals that do nothing but hurt the quality of the plant. Next time you see Natural Raw Sugar on the shelf, it may be worth checking out for yourself so you can add a little spice to your routine.