What is Organic Beeswax?

Beeswax is made by the female worker bees in a hive. The wax is made into intricate cells that are shaped like hexagons. The cells are what hold all the honey that bees make. When all the wax cells are full of honey, the worker bees put more wax to seal the cells which are called “cappings”. Organic Beeswax means the wax has never been exposed to harmful pesticides or chemicals. It’s fully preserved and all-natural. Beeswax can come in a variety of shades like yellow and amber.

How Can You Use Organic Beeswax?

Organic Beeswax is edible and is enjoyed by many when eating a raw honeycomb. Beeswax can also be used cosmetically. Organic Beeswax can be used as an all-natural moisturizer for your hair, lips, and body. The wax will create a light barrier on your skin and will keep you moisturized. The wax is also great for brightening dull hair and skin.

Benefits of Using Beeswax

There are many health benefits associated with using beeswax. Here are some of the benefits of using beeswax as part of your daily hygiene regimen.

  • Guard against dryness: beeswax will create a light barrier on your skin and will keep you moisturized
  • Smoother Skin: if you regularly use beeswax as a lotion, you will notice softer, smoother skin. 
  • Healing Properties: beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you with mild skin rashes.

Where Can You Get Organic Beeswax?

You can buy organic beeswax at health, cosmetic, and grocery stores and online. It is usually sold by the pound around $10-12. As you shop around, make sure to look for only certified organic beeswax to get the most out of your wax.