What is Organic Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba wax is derived from the Brazilian palm tree called the Copernica Cerifera. This species of tree is native to the northern region of Brazil and can be found along rivers and other damp environments. Once a year, the wax is collected by pruning the leaves of the palm tree. The wax is extracted by continually beating the leaves of the tree and does not harm the tree itself. Carnauba wax is yellow in appearance, flaky, and it has a mild odor. The wax considered a vegetable wax and a great alternative to beeswax. However, carnauba wax is much harder than beeswax and has a higher melting point. 

How Can Carnauba Wax be Used?

Carnauba wax is useful for making cosmetics as an emulsifier. It is also used in lipsticks, glosses, balms, mascara, foundation, and even deodorant. Since it is the hardest, most durable wax, it also widely used to make ointments and other pharmaceutical products. The vegetable wax can be used to make candles that will last longer because of its high melting point. Carnauba wax can be found in some food products since it is vegan and even automotive products. 

Where Can You Buy Carnauba Wax?

You can buy carnauba wax online at places like Amazon or eBay for competitive prices. You can also find it at most health food stores or craft stores that carry other types of wax for making candles. It is usually sold by the pound and can range from $20-$30 in price.