What is Organic Patchouli Oil?

Patchouli Oil is considered an essential oil that can be used for cosmetics. The oil comes from the Pogostemon Cablin plant which is native to India and Malaysia. The oil is extracted from the plant’s leaves by steam distillation. To get a better yield, the leaves are first dried before the distillation process. Patchouli oil is amber in color and transparent. The oil has a very fragrant aroma that is deep, earthy, with floral notes. Patchouli oil changes in fragrance as it ages, getting deeper in the aroma as time passes. 

What Are The Uses of Patchouli Oil?

Patchouli oil is used as a natural perfume for some because of its alluring fragrance. It is commonly used with other essentials oils too. Many individuals who do not like perfume may find Patchouli oil to be quite pleasant because it is all-natural and doesn’t have the overpowering alcohol smell commercial perfumes have. Patchouli oil is also used for uneven skin tone, rejuvenating aged skin with wrinkles, treating acne, and skin irritation. 

Where Can You Buy Patchouli Oil?

Patchouli oil can be found online at apothecary, holistic stores, and cosmetic stores that carry perfume and other essential oils. The oil is usually sold per ounce and can range from $10-$12 per half-ounce. 


For safety, you should never use Patchouli oil undiluted in the eyes or nose. It is also not recommended to consume. If you choose to apply the oil to the skin, make sure to use only a small amount to start in case you develop an allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs, seek medical help immediately.