What is Organic Sweet Orange?

With a zesty, citrus-like smell, Organic Sweet Orange is an essential oil with many uses & benefits. Organic Sweet Orange is found in the USA and can create a calming and uplifting atmosphere.


Organic Sweet Orange is derived from orange (Latin name: Citrus sinensis) peels. Sweet orange was purportedly introduced to Europe in the first century by the Arabs. 

As an essential oil, the scent comes off as light and zesty - similar to cutting a fresh orange. It has a thin consistency and its color appears to be a yellowish orange to a golden brown.

Being QAI Certified, Organic Sweet Orange meets organic production and handling standards set out by the National Organic Program. This program ensures the oranges are grown and processed according to national standards that consider factors such as soil quality, use of additives and pest/weed control.


Organic Sweet Orange benefits those with oily or dull skin. Whether it’s chapped, puffy or wrinkled skin, Organic Sweet Orange can provide relief to these and other related skin conditions. Outside skin condition benefits, sweet orange can also help those with bronchitis, mouth ulcers, constipation, weight loss and improving the digestive system.

Possessing a sedating effect, Sweet Orange can have mental & psychological benefits. The concentrated, zesty aroma helps in combating stress, nervousness, and tension. By eliminating the negative mood, Organic Sweet Orange promotes harmonization of the physical and mental health.

Other applications can range from laundry for scent clothing, moisturizer mix, skin cleanser, hair shampoo, candles and even remedy for seasonal allergies.