Organic Vitamin E comes from non-GMO soybeans and sunflower seeds as well as leafy greens such as spinach. When extracted from the leaves and seeds, it is turned into a thick, gooey oil that people have used as a moisturizer as well as a natural way to help heal damaged skin cells. 


Vitamin E is an essential ingredient in many skincare products and has been proven to potentially result in smoother, glowing skin. It is typically used by individuals for its three main benefits.

  • Sunburn protection and treatment
  • Faster skin healing
  • Eczema treatment

Sunburn protection and treatment

Vitamin E, when mixed with vitamin C, has been said to improve UV protection from the sun as well as helps to decrease the cell formation in sunburn.

Faster skin healing

A recent study has shown that Vitamin E, when mixed with Vitamin C and Zinc, increases the production of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to speed up the skin healing process and also protects the skin from alternative oxidative stress. 

Eczema treatment

Vitamin E can also be taken orally by those who suffer from Eczema. Since the use of Vitamin E, studies show that the remission time for those who suffer from Eczema is heavily decreased, and also helps to protect the reformation of damaged skin cells. 

Individuals who have used organic vitamin E have also said that it helps with excessively dry skin as well as a natural skin brightening ointment. The best time to use vitamin E is overnight as the oil is known to be quite thick and gooey.