REBEL Complete Wellness CBD Gummies provide convenient concentrated tasty doses of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extract infused with Organic MCT oil, and Natural Flavor Extracts. Our gummies are Vegan, Gluten Free, and NON-GMO.

REBEL Gummies is therapeutic deliciousness in a bottle. Each one of our vegan gummy bears is jam-packed with 25mg of CBD, meaning the industry-leading REBEL formula is now available in one of the tastiest cannabidiol-infused treats on the market.

  • Organically Grown
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Free from pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive due to its less than .02% THC content
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • Grown Sustainably in Vermont

Effective and Convenient Dosing

One or two gummies contains enough CBD to begin pain and anxiety relief in the average adult: Each piece contains 25mg of CBD, sweetened with natural flavors and formed into an easy-to-consume gummy. Our customers often enjoy these after a long day of work, before a busy family weekend, or at the office during a stressful day. 

Sourced for Purity and Potency

These gummies are sourced from a 99% pure CBD isolate. As a result, they’re free from traces of the psychoactive compound THC. Our gummies won’t give you a high or induce psychoactive experiences - they’ll simply offer your body a healthy supplement in the midst of a stressful day.

Vegan and Low Carb

Many other gummies contain animal byproducts, which prevent vegans from enjoying them. However, we’ve carefully formulated our CBD gummies without these animal products. Individuals following a vegan diet can enjoy our CBD gummies without the guilt of traditional non-vegan ingredients.

We’re aware that some individuals take CBD to help manage or prevent diabetes. With this in mind, we’ve made our CBD gummies low-carb. Our desire is to offer the benefits of CBD worry-free for all, even those watching their blood sugar. 

Therapeutic Formula

Every gummy blends our CBD therapeutic formula with natural ingredients, carefully combining the nutritional compounds in cannabis with inviting fruit flavors and bright colors. If you’re interested in incorporating CBD oil into your day in a tasty, convenient way, our gummies are a perfect selection.